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·         WHAT IS LOTTO 6 AUS 49?

Lotto 6 aus 49 – more commonly referred to simply as the German Lotto – is, as the name suggests, a European lottery game with its roots firmly entrenched in German soil. It still stands as the biggest national lottery game being played in the country, having been established in and played since 1955. Renown for paying out prizes to the value of over €5 billion annually, the German Lotto has proved itself to be quite a lucrative gaming option. Thanks to this rich, illustrious history and the opportunity for players to place within one of the game’s nine prize tiers, it still remains a popular choice to this day for those seeking their fortune.


Taking its cue from the game’s name, Lotto 6 aus 49 employs the classic 6/49 draw format used by many of the world’s popular lottery games – albeit with a slight twist. In order to play the German Lotto, players are required to make their selection of 6 (six) main numbers from a numbered ball pool which ranges from 1 – 49. The first step to a jackpot win within the game is to correctly match up all six of these main numbers. This is where the ‘twist’ comes in:

Players are required to select a bonus ball when making their number selection. After the main numbers have been drawn during the live drawing, a second  ball drum is then produced, from which a bonus ball (or Superzahl) gets drawn. This Superzahl number gets drawn from a numbered ball range of 0 – 9, and your correct match up of this number is vital if you are aiming to place in the jackpot-winning tier. Should you correctly match up all six main numbers drawn, as well as the Superzahl number, then you are a jackpot prize winner. The game makes use of a total of nine prize tier structures, with players needing to correctly match up two main numbers as well as the Superzahl number in order to place within the lowest (ninth) prize tier. The more main numbers you match, the higher your prize tier will be.


The German Lotto gets drawn twice a week; every Wednesday and Saturday. The draw time for the midweek draw is 18h25 CET, while the weekend draw takes place an hour later at 18h25 CET. Originally in Frankfurt, the draws now take place in Saarbrücken, Germany.  The draws were also accompanied by a live broadcast courtesy of ARD TV, but due to a decline in viewership numbers, has since been modified to a draw which takes place on national television before the evening news.  The live lottery may still be viewed online at in the form of a live stream. 

The guaranteed starting jackpot amount for the midweek draw is €1,000,000; while the weekend draw sees a double starting jackpot amount of €2,000,000. The game employs a thirteen-rollover cap; meaning that, if the jackpot prize is still not claimed after the game has rolled over for a total of thirteen times, the top prize tier will then forfeit the winnings and it will be automatically rolled down to the second prize tier and evenly distributed amongst players within that division instead.


The biggest-ever shared jackpot win recorded for Lotto 6 aus 49 has been €45,382,458 in December 2007 (split between three lucky ticket holders), while the biggest-ever single-ticket win has been an impressive €37,688,292 which was won in October 2006.

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